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Founded in 1931, the Royal Fanfare Orchestra Volksopbeuring Massemen has become one of the best amateur orchestras of Flanders/Belgium. Currently we are the highest placed fanfare1 in the province of East-Flanders.
Today, the company has over 70 active members. All playing members are skilled musicians.
The band is governed by a dynamic board, made up by musicians and non-musicians.

The band started as a local band, to perform only at celebrations and feasts in the village and the neighbourhood. This changed completely in the beginning of the sixties, after the appointment of conductor Willy Dauwe, a professional trombone player and teacher at the music academy in Wetteren. Under his leadership, the band won his first classification in the provincial contest. The success increased under the leading of a number of well-known directors as: Guido Dhaene (+), Geert Baeten and Geert Steen.

1: Fanfare is a type of band consisting of brass instruments, saxophones and percussion. It is most common in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Diederik De Roeck    The Director
Since 1990 the director of the band is the well-known Diederik De Roeck, an ambitious professional musician. Diederik was as trumpet-player member of the Beethoven Academy in Antwerp and freelance player for the most famous Belgian orchestras such as the Flemish Opera, I Fiamminghi, La Monnaie/De Munt, the National Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. Nowadays he is brass instrument teacher at the music academies of Aalst and Wetteren.
Diederik is also conductor of KMV De Leiezonen Desselgem, Ensemble Kreato Halle and 't Muziek Herne.

Our Target
Each week there is a band practice in our own music hall², needed to prepare for different concerts and contests. We regularly organise our own (themed) concerts or projects, but also play concerts on assignment. We especially concentrate on art-concerts, openings of exhibitions, music and cultural festivals or music-events in Belgium and abroad, concerts with soloists, aperitif concerts, ...

We constantly work to increase the level of the band. We organize innovative musical projects, participate in concert contests, make concert trips (abroad), do play-ins, CD-realisation,... all this to give our musicians the opportunity to better their level and play in optimal conditions, from time to time directed by the best of today’s composers.
Not all activities are work. We organise a lot of sidelines such as BBQ’s, youth camps, feasts, exhibitions, trips,…

If you would like to know us better, we invite you to one of our band practices in our own hall.

Since 2001 Volksopbeuring is recognised by the Flemish community. This means that organisations who book our band can be subsidized by the government.

2: Since 1994 we have our own hall in the centre of our village. Through the years it became a welcoming music temple.

Concert Contests
Our orchestra participates regularly at all sorts of contests: local, national and international.
The first contest was in 1963 when we won our first classification (3th division³) and since we never ceased to increase the level of the band. In 2008 our orchestra promoted to the "Superieure" division², the highest possible division in Belgium, where we are classified ever since.
In the concert contests of the Flemish Music Organisation (Vlamo) Volksopbeuring achieved not less than 4 National Champion titles in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2010, respectively in the "Uitmuntendheid", two time "Ere" and "Superieure" division³!
In 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013 en 2017 KFOVM was selected to participate in the four-yearly World Music Contest (WMC) in Kerkrade (NL); the world championships of wind music. In 2017 our Fanfare band became VICE-WORLDCHAMPION in 3th division4!

3 : Flemish divisions in ascending order: 3th - 2nd - 1st - Uitmuntendheid - Ere - Superieure division
4: International divisions in ascending order: 5th - 4th - 3th - 2nd - 1st - Concert division

KFO Volksopbeuring Massemen at the WMC 2017: WMC Kerkrade Massemen 2017-26 klein

The repertoire
The repertoire are especially compositions for fanfare orchestra. We play a lot of recent work of Belgian and Dutch composers. These composers write music with a high degree of artistic value and all the instruments get their chance. We dispose of a great many scores and frequently purchase new music. This way we can deliver a very varied program from high levelled compositions to music out of the classical, soundtrack and popular repertoire.

If you want to see or listen to our band: on our website you find photographs and music!


progression   06al cd hoes front   

Our first CD was recorded in 1999.The end result is a high-level piece of wind music. The title ‘Progression’ points at the enormous progression the orchestra realised during the last years. In 2006 a second professional CD "TRIAS" was realised. "TRIAS" is a collaboration with 2 other Flemish orchestras.

Concert Trips
- In the ’70-’80 we had a fraternization with Musikzug TV from Dauborn (Germany).
- In 1998 our orchestra took part in the official opening of the international cultural festival in Växjö (Sweden).
- In 2001 we participated in the International Festival for Wind Bands in Going-am-Wilden-Kaiser (Austria).
- In 2004 we received an invitation from the Maltese government to adorn the entry of Malta into the EU. We played concerts in the presidential palace, Republic Street and at St-George’s Square.
- In 2011 we participated in the International Festival of Wind Orchestras with concerts in the Slavkov castle and Liechtenstein Palace in Prague (Czech Republic).
- In 2014 we went on concert trip to Oetz (Austria) by invitation of “OETZ Tourismus”.

The Future
If you read this info page attentively, you will have remarked that Volksopbeuring never stops working. Due to the dynamic and demanding members the board is striving for new targets. This is not always simple and often demands social and financial sacrifices.

All we want is to play and promote high levelled contemporary wind music and ask attention for the great number of bands who plays it enthusiastically. That’s the way we like to motivate our young musicians: to stay in the band, spend a lot of their precious free time, but be part of an unique and cultural association.

The Hall:
Muzieklokaal Volksopbeuring
Dorpsplein 5a
B-9230 Massemen
tel : +32 (0)471 65 45 26
(not always present)
Bavo De Paepe
Prinsenhof 21
9230 Massemen
tel : +32 (0)472 22 92 61

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